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Integrative Veterinary Medicine in Portland

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Lombard Animal Hospital proudly offer a broad range of services that span both conventional Western medical practices and traditional Eastern medicine. Our team is trained to provide care that integrates aspects of both practices in order to create a care plan that is best suited to your pet. Our holistic approach to your pet’s health is as unique as they are! We get to know your pet on a personal level in order to better assess their needs. Your Portland veterinarian will make recommendations from both sides of our practice in order to ensure that your pet’s health is treated thoroughly and compassionately.

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Integrative medicine options offered at Lombard Animal Hospital include:

  • Food therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Natural herbs and supplements

When used in conjunction with, or even as an alternative to, conventional Western medicine practices, the above services can greatly improve your pet’s health and quality of life. Our team works hard to find a solution that works for your pet.

Food Therapy & Natural Herbs

At Lombard Animal Hospital, we offer traditional Chinese medicine to approach your pet’s nutrition via food therapy. Unlike conventional nutritional counseling, which we also offer at Lombard Animal Hospital, food therapy is focused on balancing the energy of the diet and looking through to the inherent qualities of the food you’re feeding your pet. We will look at your pet’s specific nutritional and caloric needs in order to devise a diet that helps them thrive.

While we more closely examine your pet’s diet, your Portland veterinarian may recommend you add some natural herbs or supplements to your pet’s diet in order to support their health. We’ll walk you through all of our recommendations so you can be sure your pet is getting the right nutrition they need to live a long, healthy life.

Laser Therapy

Lombard Animal Hospital offers Class IV Laser therapy to pets whose pain is not fully managed by their medication regimen. If your pet doesn’t tolerate conventional pharmaceuticals well, or if they’re still experiencing pain even while on their medication, laser therapy can be a great addition to their treatment. Laser therapy can promote faster healing, stimulate blood flow, and reduce inflammation in addition to reducing pain. It’s a great option for both acute cases, such as pets recovering from surgery, or for pets who have chronic pain conditions.

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  • “Probably the most progressive vet practice in the Portland metro area. They are highly skilled, confident, comforting, and always able to provide the most up to date vet medicine techniques available. I trust this hospital across the board with my animals.”

    - Tyler
  • “Best veterinary hospital I’ve ever taken my dog to. From the front desk team members to the vet that saw my dog, every employee was polite, friendly and gave one on one attention to my pet... I would recommend...”

    - Rachel
  • “From the receptionist to the vet tech to the Dr this place has the realest, friendliest team members ever... Highly recommended.”

    - Taj
  • “THE best place to take your companion to in Portland. The team members are friendly, the doctors are competent and the medicine practiced is nothing but the best! I truly adore Lombard Animal Hospital!”

    - Dava

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