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Victoria Colby, DVM

Western and Integrative Veterinarian
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Originally from San Diego, Dr. Victoria grew up on a ranch where she fell in love with animals at a young age. But first pursued massage work and healing arts in human-medicine before recognizing her calling to heal animals. While at Lombard, Dr. Victoria will seek mentorship in acupuncture and continue Integrative Medicine in exotic companion animals. She is currently completing an osteopathic manipulation course in order to perform chiropractic services for pets.

At home, she has two black cats: Onyx, and Obsidian whom she rescued from the Caribbean and California; and a red mare named Annie. In her spare time, Dr. Victoria plays music from West Africa and Brazil, playing with local Brazilian bands Samba Alegria, and Maracatu PDX. She also loves to hike and spend time outdoors, as well as cuddle up with kitties and read a good book.